Welcome to The Holistic Healing Project.

I’m Lauren a medical doctor, wellness expert and holistic health coach.

The Holistic Healing Project brings back the concept of “healing” into healthcare. Whilst modern medicine saves countless lives, it often leaves people feeling damaged, distressed and in desperate need of healing. Healing is different from curing and it’s vital to recognise the need to combine the art of healing illness with the science of curing disease.

Rather than focusing solely on physical symptoms, disease and medication, my approachto health and healing considers you as a whole person. It involves exploring the physical,emotional, mental, social, and environmental factors that make you YOU.

Through 1:1 coaching, helpful resources and transformative retreats, the aim is to help you achieve optimum health and wellness whilst also improving your resilience and ability to cope with the challenges and stress of modern day living.

“There is no mystery to the miracle of self healing; it is courage, commitment, and consistency that moves us from misery to inner peace.” – Yung Pueblo